Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Starting out

This first post will be all about starting out on Call of Duty, specifically Modern Warfare 2.

At first online play can see very daunting, with so many options to choose from, it can often be very overwhelming to people new to the game.

What gun should I choose?

This is entirely down to personal preference, different players work well with different weapons.

However, should I have to recommend a single gun to a new player, it would be the UMP.

The UMP has one of the best overall stats for an automatic weapon, getting into nitty gritty details, in normal game modes (not hardcore mode) each player has 100 "health". Each weapon has a base damage, which can be influenced by many things such as, distance from the enemy, attachments and perks.

The UMP has a 35-40 base damage, the highest of any automatic weapon on the game, meaning it is a guaranteed 3 shot kill anywhere on the body, 2 shot kill to the head. However, it does have a low fire rate, compared to all the other sub machine guns. So it is important to first get the first shot away and make it count.

Next post I will be discussing perks and kill streak to help new players.